Chanel SS16 – Around The World

image1.PNGUnsurprisingly, Karl Lagerfeld created another unique extravaganza. I couldn’t help but think back to Chanel’s divine 2008 Haute Couture collection where the staging was a Chanel aeroplane. So, of course, Karl simply had to build an airport for that aeroplane. This show was so relevant to the jet-setting, constantly on-the-go girl.

It also made perfect sense for the destination on boarding passes to be ‘ATW’ – after all, Karl’s designs have inspired people around the world, showcased in the most amazing places.

I love how Karl manages to create a sense of involvement and brings fashion to life in each show. Karl exhibits themes that are undeniably executed thoroughly, which are carefully weaved through every, tiny element and detail of the show. It’s as though Karl see’s showcasing each collection as a performance, albeit, a well-rehearsed one. We all love to travel comfortably (and stylishly – well, try too) so Karl created something universal, something, timeless yet futuristic. All at the same time, tradition meets glamour.

Models casually strolled around the airport, some in edgy, vibrant print joggers – of course donning oversized sunglasses (indeed, a prerequisite for getting off the plane). Some ladies wore classic, tweed structured skirt suits that oozed elegance and provided a nice twist. Knit jumpers where tied around waists which provided a more casual feel, yet heavy metal chokers, multi-row chains, bracelets, and embellishments and hair-ties livened the ensembles up. Fancy styles for every type of traveler – quite the effortless mix.

The announcement screens did however show some delays but the models weren’t phased, they were in no hurry. Anyway, I wouldn’t have a problem being delayed; in fact, I’ll happily take some goodwill tokens for Chanel duty free, whilst I wait? The sky’s the limit with Chanel and I’m already excited to see what AW16 brings. Oh, and where do I book my Chanel airlines ticket?image4.PNGimage5.PNGFullSizeRender-2image3.PNGimage2.PNGLucie xo

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