Dior Dreamin’

image.jpegFirst of all, this was one of my absolute favourite shows of the season. I seriously need those divine shoes. However, it does seem that most people are talking about the spectacular decorum of the 300,000 delphinium flowers, rather than the utterly brilliant collection itself. The venue was a delightful floral fantasy located within the magnificent Louvre, and what a perfect choice of flower to compliment the fresh and cool colour palette of the collection.Β 

I adore how Simons managed to add a futuristic touch with the use of crane spotlights, and a spotless white gloss floor to something so natural and fragile with an oasis of soft blue flowers. The collection was both feminine and strong showcasing delicate scalloped organza shorts and pretty silk dresses to structured embroidered jackets and tailored pinstripe suits. The perfect combination.

I do think the collection made a statement, I now want to wear buckled pointed vinyl shoes, jewelled metal chokers layered on patterned ribbons and exaggerated sleeves all summer long.

The lovely, fresh take on scalloped edges reminded me of the time I once wanted my dress-maker auntie to make me a dress with dramatic scalloped edges back in 2009, after being obsessed with Christopher Kane’s spring 2009 collection. It didn’t happen. I do now prefer Dior’s much more gentle and covetable approach to scalloped edges, though.

The accessories, the ankle-tie shoes and the elegant yet edgy clothes has me loving it all. Raf Simons mission statement for this collection was truly perfect and really shun through every detail of the collection. “To simplify and concentrate on a line that expresses an idea of femininity, fragility and sensitivity, without sacrificing strength and impact.” I love this statement and it is now one of my favourites. Who doesn’t want to feel both beautiful and strong!

Each item of the collection, whether it be the shoes, jewellery, or the cropped jumper layered over the sheer cotton floaty shirt dress, every piece had their chance to stand out. The balance was superb. I also feel that the collection wasn’t too challenging to look at, albeit detailed at the same time with the likes of the quite extravagant 3d organza flowered oversized jacket.

Although it’s hard for me to choose, my first favourite look has to be the delicate white scalloped two-piece, suede emerald-green cropped jacket accessorised with the transparent yellow jewel choker, layered on top of the floral ribbon neck-tie. My second favourite look is the embellished floral military style jacket-dress teamed with the metallic silver bag, green jewelled choker and those sharp black vinyl, buckled shoes. Love!

Lucie xo

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