Kate Spade SS16

imagePaint the town rose – one of the cute little slogans on one of the most whimsical bags you’ve ever seen. What better way to bring in spring than to make the presentation space a dreamy land of flowers beyond flowers, 30,000 in fact. Colourful, fun and quirky – everything you know a Kate Spade presentation will be. The presentation was the colours of a perfect spring bouquet. Stand-out is an understatement.

It is quite clear that florals where the focal point of the presentation, they were literally everywhere. From a delightful white organza floral appliquΓ© jacket, a relaxed jumpsuit dotted with daisies, a sophisticated co-ord with delicate blossoms laser-cuts and casual black and white day-wear accessorised with rose pink, blossom print pumps. It was a day strolling through the park, (albeit very stylishly) followed by lunch and cocktails or even a fancy dinner or tea party for some. It’s so lovely how Deborah Lloyd infuses playful themes with looks that are also very elegant and charming, the balance is a daydream.

For me it was the accessories that stole the show, the theme creatively ran through every aspect of the presentation, right down to the simply adorable and decorative bags. I mean, a straw bumblebee bag? Oh honey, of course there had to be bumblebees lurking around somewhere, with all of those pretty flowers to choose from.

I seriously can’t handle how cute those bags really are. They perfectly finished off each look without taking away the classic elegance of the clothing but rather, enhance and add uniqueness. Fresh vibrant blossoms and cute, novelty bags? Certainly my cup of tea!

My absolute favourites has to be the royal blue teapot bag, the carnival carousel bucket bag and the utterly charming silver bucket rose bag. This makes me want to organise an afternoon tea party and decorate my room with flowers until they are all I can see. A blooming wondrous presentation to say the least, and I can’t wait to see what else Kate Spade New York pulls out of the bag.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageLucie x

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