Rodarte’s glam-rock SS16

image.jpegI LOVED everything about Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s collection. Creative, feminine, romantic and magical. That is how I would describe Rodarte’s SS16 collection. I love how the powerful duo managed to create something quite futuristic, yet artfully projected enchanting vintage disco feels, too. A slightly updated, and possibly more shimmering wardrobe belonging to Stevie Nicks, perhaps?

Paisley and velvet neck scarves, intricate black lace detailing, sparkly metallics, gypsy dresses, loud Mongolian shrugs, and complex beading and fringing – major Stevie Nicks and Ziggy Stardust vibes. Maybe a hint of Mick Jagger, too.

The aesthetic collection was a distinctive 70s-nostalgic fantasy that Kate and Laura, evidently love to refer back too, and so they should as they do it so skillfully. What screams 70’s other than sparkling, sequined relaxed suits paired with velvet neck scarves, and stand-out Mongolian jackets? Lace floaty dresses adorned with beading and velvet ruffle down blouses, with dramatic bell sleeves, possibly?

Even though there was an arms-length list when it comes to textures and embellishments, it didn’t take away from the gentle and laid-back vibe of the collection. As the trailing satin neck scarves floated in the air, along with slouched suits, swinging chandelier earrings and intricately sewn floor-skimming gowns graced the catwalk – it was inevitable that the complexity of the fabrics and adornments in fact complimented the relaxed silhouettes, and is what for me, romanticised the collection.

The balance was incredibly tasteful and I now really want my whole wardrobe to consist of luxe velvets, beaded silks and a good few pairs of lace tights. Oh, and also floral hair accessories, too.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Lucie xo

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