Proenza Schouler SS16

imageThere were some beautiful displays of artistry through bold and interesting asymmetry, texture and detailing. The strong red, black and white colour palette shown clear Spanish influences and also through the use of tiered ruffles, exposed shoulders, polka dots, cropped flared sleeves and pom-poms.

I loved how ribbons tied in neat bows was placed in fairly unusual places such as cut-out waist dresses and at the top of slightly structured sleeveless blazers. It was as though, if pulled, the outfit would become loose and fall apart. This is something that interested me, as I loved the idea that it was a simple ribbon that helped emphasis and accentuate the shapes, too.

The sharp white, embroidery anglaise shirt with ribbed cropped trousers was my favourite look of the collection. I adore the deep cuffs with enlarged buttonholes, and pom-poms for buttons that were slightly unbuttoned at the bottom. The contrasting textures of the shirt and trousers were seriously divine and the vibrant pop of colour within the feathered earrings was a nice touch, too.imageimageimageWithout forgetting shoe choice, the white pointed mules with silver ring design and tie-up black lace was perfect.

If there was two things I could have out of this collection, my first choice would be the heavenly black and white bare-shoulder crop top that almost looked like the top half off a fallen/ deconstructed shirt, with ever-so-slightly puffed sleeves and flamenco style black, trimmed ruffle.imageimageimageThat halter neck delicate ribbon that loosely draped on the front is everything. NEED. My second would probably be a pair of those mirrored heeled shoes.

Excited to see what Proenza creates for FW16!

Lucie xo

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