My little gems

image.jpegI am completely and utterly obsessed with both vintage and contemporary jewellery – If the piece is intricate or unusual, I love it. I collect rings from new places that I visit, and I’m constantly on the hunt for antique shops – they’re so interesting and this is where you find the prettiest, most unique rings that are full of character.

I lose all sense of time whilst discovering items in antique stores, there’s so much charm I could spend all day there. Even though I adore the true authenticity of antique finds, I do appreciate the refinement of handmade contemporary pieces, and in fact, wearing these together actually works!

Every now and then, I find myself designing jewellery pieces in my head, which leads to me searching for a new ring to buy. I can never have enough rings on my hands. My newest addition is the sweetest little ring, set with a pink ruby and freshwater pearl and lots of flowing gold filled and silver wire detail. It’s both detailed and different which is why I love it.

Pearl always asks me what my favourite is, It’s impossible but if I had to choose, it would have to be my antique, garnet locket ring from an antique shop ‘Mermaids Chest’ in Santa Barbara. I bought it whilst I was travelling,Β California has some of the best antique stores I’ve been too! LA and San Francisco had some beautifulllll hidden finds, too.

I will never tire of the joy I feel when I purchase a new piece, it’s addictive. I’m really loving gemstones recently and can’t wait to collect more…

Who else has a jewellery obsession??

Lucie xo

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