Paris Dreams: Haute Couture Spring 2016

Haute Couture: One of my favourite weeks of the year where I die a little inside at the pure beauty of what graces the runway. So much grandeur and detail it’s insane, and kinda irresistible – the one week that I’m probably on my phone the most!

Haute Couture week reminds you of the incredible craftsmanship and artful, mastered skills that is nothing other than a true visionary. Christian Dior showcased what was my favourite Couture collection out of them all.

For me, the detail was quite exquisite in certain pieces and was just enough. How could you possibly not adore the intricate, jewelled adornments that came in the form of small bugs, placed on delicate off-white mesh? Insects never looked so good. I equally admired the ornate bug embellishment also shown at Chanel.

This also didn’t take away from the elegant, feminine fantasy that Dior is applauded for. Instead, there where emphasised waistlines that oozed femininity, fluidity, and of course a hint of sculptural architecture in the form of bows that is undoubtedly, signature Dior.Β I would describe this collection as innovative. There were also whimsical asymmetrical cuts that, again, couldn’t be more Dior!

Favourite Dior looks:imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageChanel also showcased some wonderful looks that screamed opulence but I didn’t necessarily adore every look, somewhere more to my taste than others. Although, I did really appreciate the whole ‘eco-conscious’ concept of the show – So how do you produce luxurious, couture clothing whilst remaining environmentally cautious? Using wild cotton and wood chips for adornment, maybe? I mean, how intelligent? The balance was interesting and in the words of Karl Lagerfeld β€œThis is high-fashion ecology”.

For me, the collection got better as it went on and I absolutely loved that delicate satin, deconstructed slip dress with embellished thin shoulder straps. Beautiful! I obviously love anything with pearls on, too.

Favourite Chanel looks:imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageArmani Prive also exhibited a marvelous collection. Apart from hints of black sparkle, there was a singular colour palette that didn’t bore me through the level of intricacy and unusual lines. It was a land of lilac. Again, I didn’t love it all, but what I did love was enough.

I am living for that sequined, relaxed fit plunged shirt with metallic shorts and statement drop earrings. Need that outfit. I also really liked the embellished slip dress with scalloped beading and dainty straps – a new take on the flapper dress, possibly?

Favourite Armani Prive looks:imageimageimageimageimageLucie xo



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