Food, Drinks and my CB Dolls

imageThe dream skirt. Pink suede and buckles. Love! Finally wore this beauty after months of it sadly hanging up in my wardrobe. What was I thinking?!

I had a wonderful evening with my CB dolls, for our lovely Jess’ leaving night. We had food at CAU followed by drinks in Santa Chupitos and then ended the night in MOJO. Gladly, my beloved suede skirt remained in perfect condition, without drinks spilled all over but I’m not sure how – thank the lord! The jacket however, did come home not as fluffy to say the least.

I styled this skirt with a sheer off-white blouse with black trimming buttoned down, thin strappy black patent heels, black wide choker, an ombre pink faux fur jacket popped over my shoulders and my adorable flowered embellished grab clutch. As always, my collection of rings made their appearance too. Love, love, love this bag – an embellished bag helps add dimension to your outfit.

I am excited to wear this skirt in summer,ย too, maybe with flat ballerina tie-up shoes and a cute white off the shoulder top. (Note: it’s fine to layer multiple textures in one outfit, as long as they’re tied together well through colour).image

Bag – ASOS

Skirt – Zara

Jacket – River Island

Heels – ASOS

Blouse – Mango


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