New found love for bows?

Tacky is the word that came to mind whenever I’d think of bows. But maybe that was when there was an overwhelming amount of oversized bows, and one too many frills everywhere you looked. That was what probably put me off.

I mean, each to their own, and obviously I have no problem with Pearl having at least four bows in her hair at a time. You know, two different coloured ribbons tied in a perfect bow on each plait. Now that’s cute!

Bows don’t seem to hurt my eyes as much anymore, even when there’s more than two in one outfit. It all comes down to how your look is styled. I do however think that bows can sometimes make your outfit scream over-the-top but what’s really wrong with over-the-top, anyway?

As long as it’s not too crazy, they definitely help make a statement and can be both simple and standout dependent on styling and quantity.image.jpegMaybe I feel inspired after recently watching a mesmeric documentary about the life of Christian Dior and the decade of the iconic ‘new look’. There was an awe-inspiring sea of romantic bows constructed in the most lady-like ways when Dior showcased his first collection in 1947 and onwards.

The only issue is that in my opinion, bows don’t look as great on transition pieces. Is it just me who associates bows with summer more than winter? I mean, unless the shops hit us with an array of jumpers/ shirts with subtle bow-tie sleeves, or mini skirts with a deconstructed bow to pair with sheer tights? Or possibly midi thigh-split skirts? (Preferably suede black with really subtle mini bows to attach the top half of the split. Or even gathered and looped through small silver hoops with a tie half way down). Just an idea – definitely getting carried away.

But if I had that skirt, I’d wear it with a button up cardigan worn off the shoulder, a pair of drop earrings, an embroidered bag to add complexity and a pair of delicate heels to finish the look. (This looks and sounds way better in my head).imageFor an evening in Palma, I wore a white off the shoulder poplin dress with bow-tie sleeves, leopard print neck scarf tied in a bow, brown tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses, brown croc-embossed bucket bag, pink suede bow mules and my hair tied back in a sleek bun (standard) as there was way too much going on for any other hairstyle!

I wasn’t so sure at first about wearing those pink mules, I was slightly cautious about whether they would look too out of place, but I just wore them in the end and kinda ended up loving the overload of bows. That, and it was also the last night, and those where the shoes that hadn’t been packed yet.

I did however dislike the way the bow on my neck scarf would sometimes become loose, and then drape onto my white dress – this did make it all look a little too much and too layered but, ah well!image.jpegDress – Zara

Mules –Β Office

Scarf – Zara

Sunglasses – Quay from Topshop

Bag – Zara

imageimageimageimageimageimageLucie xo

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