image.jpegBelfast! You have been wonderful! I still have the tune of ‘Belle of Belfast city’ in my head and I’m still thinking about those heavenly salt and pepper prawns from the best Christmas market stall ever.

It was SO cold! We obviously had to gorge ourselves on hot mini Nutella pancakes and more food to keep us warm. Belfast has so many cute pubs and most have live music, which adds to the fun!

We first went to a bar called The Dirty Onion that had an outside area with big benches (thank the lord for outside heaters and faux fur), adorable fairy lights and somebody singing renditions of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air with his guitar – so weird but was a good place to start!

We then went to Harp Bar, which was brilliant. There was a man singing classics with his guitar but as soon as he played Galway Girl, we really felt like we were on the set of PS. I love you. So funny. It seemed that there was a constant buzz in every bar we went into, everyone was up dancing and if you weren’t then people would make sure you soon would be. So much energy everywhere!

We went to The Grill, a cute little restaurant opposite Harp Bar for tea and it was actually really nice. (We was however incredibly drunk at this point, so maybe not as nice as I am saying). In all seriousness, though, my steak was lovely – it’s worth visitig here if you’re going to Belfast.

How else would you end your short stay in Belfast other than a huge, delicious breakfast at Granny Annies followed by more food back at the Christmas markets? Belfast’s Christmas markets really are so good by the way. There was a sweet little handmade sterling silver stall; I obviously bought a ring to add to my collection and a charming little healing crystal stall. Oh, and they had a fire pit where you could make your own smores. How adorable?!

If you’re thinking of going to Belfast, do it. I would recommend going ahead of Christmas though, purely for the endless choice of delicious food at the Christmas stalls and the city is so festive.

The Cathedral Quarter is where most of the bars/ pubs and restaurants are but there are a lot dotted around anyway, and the centre is super close.

Thank you to my wonderful friends for making this little trip one to remember! Dublin next, girls?

image.jpegGreen faux fur jacket –Β Mistress Rocks

PVC mini skirt – ASOS

Fishnet tights – ASOS

Pointed sock boots – Missguided

Bag – Topshop

Leopard print skinny scarf – Zara

Tripp NYC Laddered knit jumper – Β Asos



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