Date Night – Stripes and Ruffles

img_0751As you would have seen on my last post, we went to Victor’s Hale for our Valentine’s meal, which was really lovely. I envisioned sticking to the Valentine’s Day theme (albeit 3 days late) as I loved wearing red for Valentine’s last year, however this didn’t go entirely to plan colour-blocking wise, but I tried to create quite a romantic look nonetheless.

I was quite rushed in deciding what to wear (now tends to be the thing) but I fell in love with a statement green midi skirt with pretty ruffle detailing (here) and knew I had to find something to tie with it (thank the lord for next-day delivery!). I did later discover that the skirt also comes in a bright pink which would have aligned more with the Valentine’s theme I was trying to go for, but, ah well – suppose I’ll have to get that colour for another event!img_0727img_0729img_0733I wore a red and white striped blouse with crossover back and long pleated/ puffed sleeves (here). There was also a long belt attached that I’m excited to play with when planning other looks, too.

I actually worn the blouse back to front so that it became slightly off-the-shoulder, which I thought would create a more feminine and softened look to tie with the prettiness of the skirt. Definitely don’t be afraid to have a play around with your outfit if there’s something you aren’t feeling, I always do it! I also ruched the sleeves up a little higher to develop more of a pouf sleeve.img_0730img_0739img_0741img_0752As I love a statement earring, I went for a knot-style silver metal pair from H&M. H&M has some divine statement earrings at the minute. I accessorised my look with an intricate silver, hand-made etched bag (here) that I absolutely love as it’s so detailed and also tied the silver toned accessories together.

For shoe choice, I opted for my wine velvet plaited heels (here) to work nicely with the hints of red running through my blouse. (They’re also super comfy).IMG_0342.JPGBlouse – Here

Skirt – Here

Heels – Here

Earrings – H&M

Bag – Hereimg_0408I hope you all loved your Valentine’s Day!

Lots of love,

Lucie xo

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