AW17: Milan Charm

IMG_2541So much detail! Lady-like silhouettes, super sheer fabrics, explosions of colour, finely constructed laser-cut appliqué and vintage-feel earrings – I can barely keep up! Oh, and volumes of fringing, which I’m guessing will become one of the most highly coveted trends. The perfect excuse to bring my Zara suede fringed dress back to life, right? I’d describe Milan AW17 as an innovative fusion of modernist flair meets old-school glam – what a delight, Milan!

Let’s start with the romantic Alberta Ferretti collection. I’m loving the opulent mixture of textures – vivid velvets and delicate chiffons, what a dream! I’m also now daydreaming of a trip to Venice so I can channel that velvet-in-Venice look with a ride on a gondola down the beautiful Grand Canal. (Gary – if you’re reading, take this as a hint). 

Those gondolier stripes were indeed very elegant and I liked how instead of using typical strong gondolier stripes, these however had an almost painted effect. For me, this added a more relaxed, less harsh feel and added dimension to the airy dresses. So chic. My favourite was the long sleeved, very sheer striped dress with corsage black detailing on the shoulder. I equally loved the striped dress with ruffles, teamed with the cropped navy blazer with velvet cuffs.IMG_2531IMG_2532IMG_4120So, the corsage isn’t just for weddings? I kinda love this new take on a corsage and I have recently been thinking of bringing the brooch back to life. Well, I know it’s entirely different from a corsage but I guess it has a similar effect, maybe not Alberta Ferretti style. I might just have a little play around and see how it looks in one of my next outfits.

The drama increased as the collection went on and beautiful colour and embellishment was introduced – I absolutely LOVE that emerald green velvet, almost tapestry-like blazer suit with dramatic chiffon corsage. Oh, and those silk fringed layered effect cuffs – wow. Fringed cuffs were also a focal point in the Pucci show, but perhaps a bit more extreme.IMG_2535IMG_2543From that blush pink chiffon gown with pretty shoulder detailing to the airy asymmetrical ruffled gown with puffed sleeves and that super fine black chiffon maxi dress with thin straps and extravagant shoulder corsage (new take on the 90s slip dress?), this is one of my favourite collections so far. Love those pearl drop statement earrings, too. Think vintage-glam. My fave!IMG_2534IMG_2536IMG_2537IMG_2540IMG_4121

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