Milan AW17: Fendi

IMG_4149Red, blue, grey, black and shades of brown? Of course, Fendi made this work. Red was the definite standout colour, though especially with the help of those sultry red pointed thigh-high boots. Absolute sass.

Oversized and cropped jumpers with intricate laser cut detailing, (NEED that cropped blue jumper) super sheer chiffon dresses with plunged necklines and 3d floral organza detail – so feminine.


I’m in love with the velvet burgundy version of those thigh-high boots, which had a sort of metallic sheen to them, shimmer for the win! Fendi mini bags – why so adorable?! It seems that the double bag trend isn’t going anywhere either, I much prefer the double mini-bag look, though. It’s just not as cute having two rather large bags, and are they really that essential?IMG_4147IMG_4151IMG_4146IMG_4145IMG_4143IMG_4154IMG_4153

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