Mini skirts and mules

IMG_3532.JPGHow to make your birthday fun when Adele totally ruins your birthday plans… throw on a mini skirt and a pair of metallic mules. Instant mood lifter. I guess a trip to London and my beloved pink vinyl pants will have to wait until another time.

For now, it was a case of getting ready in literally 15 minutes (after wasting the whole morning wondering how else I could spend my day), which meant lashing items on that I like individually, and just hoping it works all together. Colour and even more colour seemed to be the result – I had to brighten up what was a disappointing morning somehow! IMG_3465IMG_3469IMG_3467I wore a blue and white striped ruffle blouse (similar here) worn unbuttoned at the collar and cuffs for a more relaxed look, a denim ripped mini skirt (here), a black western tip belt (here), and pink mules (similar here) and (here).

I also wore a multicoloured striped neck scarf, too (similar here) – would it really be a birthday outfit without a neck scarf? Not for me! I’m obsessed. Adding to the mix of colours was my cute blue mini bag with twin appliqué – perfect for the occasion.

Note: You must try Menagerie in Manchester. Honestly, I didn’t think the food would be much to rave about but I was wrong! It’s actually really nice so definitely worth a visit.

Lucie xo


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