NYE fun!

image.jpegHello, 2017 and Happy New Year! What an up and down year it’s been. 2016 has definitely had blue (or, let’s say, navy) moments, but it has also been great and the most amazing memories have been made, too. I have visited lots of beautiful places and met some new people along the way, which I am very thankful for. Here’s to 2017 being the best year yet! Continue reading

Beautiful Bali – Gili Islands


White powdery sand and sparkling turquoise water, absolute paradise! I loved every minute on the beautiful little island of Gili Trawangan. So laid-back and relaxed, there are cute little ocean side cafes and quirkyย bars full of positive quotes that make you smile. From Bali islanders playing guitar sat next to colourful fruit stalls, to the sound of bike bells ringing every three minutes, the idyllic Gili Islands are truly amazing.ย  Continue reading

Beautiful Bali – Seminyak

image.jpegBali, I love you. The most beautiful, scenic, spiritual, interesting and colourful place I’ve been lucky enough to experience. Bali was more than incredible; it was inspiring and really opened my eyes in many ways. Bali is peaceful, but also bursting with life and their lovely people possess a refreshing aura of being truly happy, content and thoroughly blessed which is the beauty of Balinese culture. Continue reading

New found love for bows?

Tacky is the word that came to mind whenever I’d think of bows. But maybe that was when there was an overwhelming amount of oversized bows, and one too many frills everywhere you looked. That was what probably put me off. I mean, each to their own, and obviously I have no problem with Pearl having at least four bows in her hair at a time. You know, two different coloured ribbons tied in a perfect bow on each plait. Now that is cute! Continue reading